2012 Edition

2012 Edition

  1. 1. February/2012

    1h 15m 24s
    1. 1. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Setting up your Website
      6m 39s
    2. 2. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Creating Pages and Content
      4m 7s
    3. 3. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Installing Modules from the Forge & Creating a Contact Us Form
      6m 53s
    4. 4. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Setting Default and Individual Module Containers
      3m 21s
    5. 5. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - How to Install and Configure the Core FAQ Module
      8m 28s
    6. 6. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - How to Use the Documents Module
      6m 38s
    7. 7. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Organising Your Menu and Working with Page Management
      4m 12s
    8. 8. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Creating a Blog for Your Site Using the Core DNN Blog Module
      10m 33s
    9. 9. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Setting Up a Forum and Creating a Community Section
      7m 51s
    10. 10. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - Setting up the Core Form and List Module & Creating a Request a Quote Form
      5m 52s
    11. 11. DotNetNuke 6.x Basics - How to Customize the Default DNN6 Homepage
      10m 50s
  2. 2. May/2012

    5m 21s
    1. 1. DotNetNuke 6.2 - Implementing the New Notification Area Into Your Skin
      5m 21s
  3. 3. June/2012

    23m 22s
    1. 1. DotNetNuke 6.2 - Skinning the New Notification Area to Match Your Skin
      12m 52s
    2. 2. Styling the Unread Message/Notification Numbers and Aligning Elements
      10m 30s
  4. 4. July/2012

    8m 45s
    1. 1. How to Implement jQuery UI Tabs in a DotNetNuke HTML Module
      8m 45s
  5. 5. September/2012

    17m 10s
    1. 1. How to Display any Page or Module Within a dnnModal Pop-up
      11m 18s
    2. 2. How to Create a Survey Module Pop-up and a Contact Form Pop-up
      5m 52s
  6. 6. October/2012

    36m 45s
    1. 1. How to Create a Responsive HTML5 Skin for DotNetNuke
      5m 40s
    2. 2. Setting the Doctype and the Conditional HTML CSS Classes
      6m 28s
    3. 3. Meta Tags Removing Unnecessary Tags and Creating Content Panes
      6m 46s
    4. 4. Adding a Simple DDR Menu Template
      9m 24s
    5. 5. How to Create HTML5 Containers
      8m 27s

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