2. How to Create a Survey Module Pop-up and a Contact Form Pop-up
  1. 5m 52s
    Sep 01, 2012

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to make any page, any piece of content or any single module from anywhere on our site appear in a modal pop-up by simply creating a hyperlink.

If you've even the smallest experience with Dotnetnuke 6 you should have seen these pop-ups in action already, they are used when we edit content or settings throughout a DNN6 site.

I'm going to walk you through first how to make an entire page pop up which will include all modules on the selected page.

We'll then move on and show you how to select an individual module to pop up, such as a single HTML module or a survey module.

Finally we'll look at how we can change the pop-up dimensions and we'll walk through the remaining features such as redirection after closing the pop-up window.

This video contains:

  • How to find the Tab ID and Module ID properties for a survey module
  • Specifying the Tab ID and Module ID properties
  • Creating a contact form pop-up
  • How to redirect to another page after the pop-up is closed
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Andy Stephenson

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