2010 Edition

2010 Edition

  1. 11. November/2010

    1h 2m 23s
    1. 1. Evotiva DNNBackup Module for DotNetNuke - Introduction
      9m 47s
    2. 2. How to Configure Database and File System Backups
      8m 41s
    3. 3. General Settings and FTP Setup
      9m 15s
    4. 4. Setting up Scheduling
      8m 35s
    5. 5. Setting up a New Localhost Website Ready for Website Restoration
      12m 11s
    6. 6. Restoring to a New Website from a DNN Backup
      9m 43s
    7. 7. Restoring the File System from a DNN Backup
      4m 11s
  2. 11. November/2010

    55m 38s
    1. 1. DNN Garden - DDR Menu for DotNetNuke - Introduction
      9m 10s
    2. 2. Adding the DDR Menu to a Skin and How to Change Animation Settings
      8m 7s
    3. 3. Implementing the DDR Treeview Menu
      9m 13s
    4. 4. Implementing the DDR Superfish and Mega Menu
      11m 25s
    5. 5. Styling the DDR Mega Menu
      10m 38s
    6. 6. Styling the Mega Menu and Using the Menu Module
      7m 5s
  3. 12. December/2010

    48m 12s
    1. 1. How to Install Advanced Login and Facebook Authentication
      10m 14s
    2. 2. Configuring the Advanced Login Module
      8m 26s
    3. 3. Enabling Popup Login, Email Templates, Configuring Facebook Login
      10m 17s
    4. 4. Configuring the Advanced Login Module as the Default Login in DotNetNuke
      7m 23s
    5. 5. Popup Login for Login Skin Tokens, Look and Feel, Redirection
      11m 52s
  4. 12. December/2010

    1h 13m 7s
    1. 1. Smith Cart - Introduction, Installation, Initial Setup
      10m 6s
    2. 2. How to Setup the Default Country, Tax and How to Customize the Checkout
      10m 14s
    3. 3. Configuring the Confirmation Pages and Working with Categories
      8m 28s
    4. 4. Adding Products
      8m 55s
    5. 5. Categorizing Products and SEO
      8m 33s
    6. 6. Testing the Checkout Procedure and Adding the Category Menu Module
      10m 25s
    7. 7. Adding the Mini Cart, Featured Products and My Account Modules to a Page
      9m 58s
    8. 8. Configuring Customer Reviews and Affiliate Tracking
      6m 28s

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