5. Popup Login for Login Skin Tokens, Look and Feel, Redirection
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    Dec 01, 2010

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use the Advanced Login module by InteractiveWebs.

The Advanced Login module allows you to customize the look and feel over the login and user registration process. The module features a Facebook connector, jQuery Popup, Skin Login and Region data import tool.

A user can login with either their email address or username, it is possible to redirect a user when they login based on their security role or user profile or to a custom URL. You can control permit or deny access to the website by IP address and you can also redirect a user based on the IP address. A user can also recover their forgotten password details with either a username or email address.

Custom email messages can be created for failure and password recovery. Plus a simple URL can be sent in an email for the user to click and verify their user account details, making it a much simpler process than the default verification code method with DotNetNuke.

This video contains:

  • How to setup the login module to popup on all pages when clicking on the login skin tokens
  • Removing the container, print and collapse / expand for the Advanced Login module
  • Enabling popup mode
  • How to setup the Login and Register skin objects in the Advanced Login module
  • Web Developers Toolbar, display element information
  • How to find the ID for the login and register skin token links
  • Demonstrating the Advanced Login module displays on all new pages
  • How to remove the Login and Register links from the Advanced Login module
  • Popup front template
  • Look and Feel of the login module
  • Redirection, logged in users, redirecting based on user security role
  • IP restriction
  • JQuery settings
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