2015 Edition

2015 Edition

  1. 1. January/2015

    23m 54s
    1. 1. How to Create a Paid Subscription Site with DNN
      6m 0s
    2. 2. Installing and Setting up the Subscriptions Module
      7m 5s
    3. 3. Controlling the Security role and Introduction to Paypal Payment Profiles
      10m 49s
  2. 2. February/2015

    33m 24s
    1. 1. How to Create Animated Transitions in DNN - Introduction and Effect Basic Setup
      9m 56s
    2. 2. How to Create a Fade In, a Slide Up, and a Zoom In Effect
      7m 15s
    3. 3. Card Flip Horizontal Effect and Browser Specific Prefixes
      8m 39s
    4. 4. Applying our Effects to the 2SexyContent Portfolio App
      7m 34s
  3. 3. March/2015

    21m 5s
    1. 1. How to Achieve DNN HTML5 Compliance - Converting Your DNN Theme to HTML5
      9m 0s
    2. 2. How to Set Up DNN 7 to be 100% HTML5 Compliant
      12m 5s
  4. 4. April/2015

    29m 56s
    1. 1. How to Implement a Basic Bootstrap Accordion Plugin
      9m 41s
    2. 2. How to Create an Accordion App with 2SXC
      11m 42s
    3. 3. Adding Bootstrap's Modal Popup and Alert Plugins to the Accordion App
      8m 33s
  5. 5. May/2015

    26m 1s
    1. 1. Advanced Header Effects for DNN Themes - Setting up a Header to Fill the Viewport Height & Vertical Centering
      8m 50s
    2. 2. How to Create a Fixed Parallax Effect
      6m 17s
    3. 3. How to Create Advanced jQuery Scroll Animations
      10m 54s
  6. 6. June-July/2015

    42m 16s
    1. 1. Creating a Responsive, Configurable Content Slider App with 2SXC - Installing and Configuring 2SXC
      12m 1s
    2. 2. Writing the 2SXC Slider Template
      6m 33s
    3. 3. Uploading and Including the BXSlider Required Files
      10m 52s
    4. 4. Creating the Slider App Settings
      12m 50s
  7. 7. August-September/2015

    19m 42s
    1. 1. Setting up a Basic Exit Popup in DNN
      8m 10s
    2. 2. How to Integrate a Mailchimp Form Into Your Exit Popup
      11m 32s
  8. 8. October-November/2015

    34m 19s
    1. 1. Creating a Single Page Application Theme for DNN - Introduction, Theme Installation and Overview
      7m 4s
    2. 2. Theme Sections and Full Screen Sizing
      11m 20s
    3. 3. Menu System, Scrollspy and Smooth Scrolling
      15m 55s

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