3. Controlling the Security role and Introduction to Paypal Payment Profiles
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    Jan 01, 2015

In this tutorial we walk you through how to set up a paid subscription site with DNN.

We will be setting up a site to accept regular Paypal payments on a subscription basis to allow our subscribers to access premium content on our DNN site.

We introduce you to a DNN module by Interactive Webs called the Subscriptions module. This module will automatically process your subscriber's paypal payments and manage their access to your premium content.

This video contains:

  • Setting up the module to control the subscribers security role
  • Setting the payment frequency
  • Testing the payment and signup process
  • Examining the seller paypal account after purchase
  • Examining the buyer paypal account after purchase
  • Introduction to paypal payment profiles
  • How to cancel a subscription
  • Introduction to other module features and settings
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Andy Stephenson

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