1. How to Achieve DNN HTML5 Compliance - Converting Your DNN Theme to HTML5
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    Mar 01, 2015

In this tutorial we are going to demonstrate how to make a DNN site and theme comply with the recently finalized HTML5 specification.

In the past, it has been extremely difficult, almost impossible to make a DNN site or theme HTML5 compliant.

The problem we had was that DNN would automatically add non HTML5 compliant meta tags and other markup into the source code of our pages. There was no way for us to remove this non-compliant markup without hacking core DNN files.

Fortunately, with the recent release of DNN 7.4, this task has been much improved. We, as developers can now, quite easily, set up a DNN site and create DNN themes that both comply with HTML5 compliance rules.

This tutorial will be split into two parts. Firstly we’ll convert the Bootstrap 3 skin we created in a previous tutorial to HTML5, then we'll set up DNN 7.4 to be fully HTML5 compliant.

This video contains:

  • Introduction
  • How to set the HTML5 theme doctype
  • Introduction to the 5 most important HTML5 elements
  • The header element
  • The nav element
  • The article element
  • The aside element
  • The footer element
  • How to convert your skin to HTML5
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