2. How to Create an Accordion App with 2SXC
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    Apr 01, 2015

In this tutorial we will be walking through how to implement a few of the Bootstrap 3 javascript plugins in our DNN site.

With the increasing inclusion of Bootstrap in DNN themes, these useful Bootstrap plugins are regularly available to us for use throughout our sites. And if you don’t have a skin with Bootstrap available, you can easily add it, or even create your own Bootstrap skin from scratch, by following the links on this tutorial page.

In this tutorial we will will demonstrate how easy it is to take advantage of these plugins, by creating a 2sxc accordion app based on the bootstrap collapse plugin. The app we will create will be able to add, remove and edit accordion items on the fly.

We will also be including Bootstrap’s modal and alert plugins.

This video contains:

  • How to create a 2SXC view template
  • Splitting the accordion markup into repeating and non repeating sections
  • How to create the repeating section in a 2SXC template
  • Adding the content tokens into the template
  • Adding new accordion items
  • How to use the list:index token to create unique IDs
  • About Bootstrap’s accessibility attributes
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Andy Stephenson

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