1. Setting up a Basic Exit Popup in DNN
  1. 8m 10s
    Sep 01, 2015

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to create an exit popup in DNN. We show you how to setup a basic exit popup, and then walk you through the process of integrating a Mailchimp signup form.

Exit popups are ideal for catching potential customers before they leave your site. They can be used to present a discount code for your store, they can let let potential customers know about a sale. and they can even prompt potential customers to fill out their email for potential future marketing.

We will be creating our exit popup using a basic DNN HTML module, once we’ve created the popup, we will show you how to embed a Mailchimp newsletter signup form inside the popup.

This video contains:

  • Introduction
  • Adding an HTML module
  • Introduction to the HTML markup
  • Implementing the HTML markup
  • Introduction to the CSS and jQuery code
  • How to implement the CSS and jQuery code
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Andy Stephenson

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