1. How to Setup a New Basic XSLT Menu
  1. 10m 47s
    Jul 01, 2014

In this tutorial we walk you through how to create your own custom DDR XSLT templates.

To demonstrate the customisation of an XSLT DDR Menu Template, we will be creating the fantastic horizontal responsive slide down menu designed by the guys at codrops. Find the link on the right side.

We demonstrate how easy it is to convert this menu into a native DDR menu for DNN. To do this we walk you through how to make sure your XSLT DDR menu template is producing the correct HTML markup with the correct CSS classes. We also show you how to include all the necessary CSS and Javascript files in your menu.

This video contains:

  • Introduction;
  • Standalone or skin based?
  • Where to create your DDR menu template folder;
  • How to set up a basic unordered list XSLT template;
  • How to add JS files to a DDR menu;
  • How to add CSS files to a DDR menu;
dnn6 dnn7 skin menu
Andy Stephenson


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