2. How to Install and Configure the Core FAQ Module
  1. 6m 43s
    Apr 01, 2014

In this tutorial, we continue to build up our basic DotNetNuke 7 website by creating a frequently asked questions page.

We walk you through how to locate and install the FAQs module and then we show you how to create questions and answers.

Finally we demonstrate some simple FAQ display template editing.

This video contains:

  • Creating a frequently asked questions page;
  • Moving the page elsewhere in the menu;
  • Preparing the page introduction HTML module;
  • Locating the FAQs module in the DotNetNuke Forge;
  • Deploying and installing the FAQs module;
  • How to create questions and answers in the FAQs module;
  • How to change the FAQs module question and answer templates;
  • Applying a new container to the FAQs module;
dnn7 open source module beginners
Andy Stephenson


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