4. How to Create a Custom DNN Skin with Bootstrap 3 - Media Queries and Responsive CSS
  1. 8m 35s
    Feb 01, 2014

In this tutorial we walk you through how to create a custom Bootstrap 3 skin using the Bootstrap 3 skin template that we created in the previous Bootstrap 3 tutorial.

We demonstrate how to create a modern, 100% CSS based skin from a PSD layout, we take advantage of several powerful tools to help you create good looking skins quickly and efficiently.

The technologies covered in this tutorial include Bootstrap 3, Photoshop CS6, Chrome Developer Tools and Microsoft Visual Studio.

We implement a variety of modern responsive web development techniques and technologies such as media queries and CSS3.

This video contains:

  • Setting up media queries;
  • Styling the mobile view;
  • Styling tablet view;
  • Creating the semi transparent Navbar and Logobar;
dnn7 skin bootstrap responsive mobile
Andy Stephenson


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