2. How to Activate and Use DNN Advanced URLs - Activating DNN Advanced URLs
  1. 2m 50s
    Jan 01, 2014

In this tutorial we walk you through the new advanced URL rewriting feature introduced in DNN 7.1

We show you how to activate Advanced URLs if for instance, you have just upgraded to DNN7.1+. We then show you step by step how to create your own custom page URLs based upon good practice.

URL rewriting is the process of changing the way a URL is formed and presented to the user in the browser address bar.

With the release of DNN 7.1 came a new, much better way of presenting URLs. We are now able to use the Advanced URL rewriting scheme. This scheme is a natural progression from the Human friendly scheme as seen in previous DNN versions, and not only does it remove the unnecessary .aspx extension from the end of the URL, it gives us some very powerful tools to customise our URLs to our liking.

dnn7 url
Andy Stephenson


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