2. Visit Status, Content Monitoring
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    Jun 01, 2011

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to reduce your DotNetNuke site load time and show you how to take advantage of the services offered by keepaliveforever.com

One of the most common complaints from Webmasters who use DotNetNuke and various other ASP.NET Applications is the long initial load time after a period of inactivity.

In order to keep your site constantly running, there are two easy ways around this: either run a keepalive service on your local computer, or, use a cloud-based KeepAlive service.

Keepaliveforever.com is a website that will browse your website at regular intervals to ensure your site ASP.NET worker process does not shut down. In addition to simulating real visits to your site, KeepAliveForever also records your sites performance and can also alert you if your website goes down.

This video contains:

  • Understanding the visit status
  • Introduction to content monitoring
  • How to check for content that should be on the page
  • Receiving the ‘your website is down’ email
  • Interpreting the email
  • Interpreting the visit failure reports
  • How to check for content that should not be on the page
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