4. The DNN Werk RadEditor Provider
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    Jul 01, 2011

DotNetNuke is changing for the better! In this DotNetNuke training series we will be taking a first look at DNN6.

The DotNetNuke team have been working on some great new developments:

  • New modal pop up windows
  • A new control panel
  • New style admin and host menus
  • A new HTML editor provider
  • A brand new page admin module

These developments help administrators to work faster and more efficiently than ever before, We'll take you through all the developments that are available in this release.

At the time of recording this video, DotNetNuke 6 is in its ‘alpha’ stage (6.0.0 CPT), meaning it is undergoing vigorous community testing before it moves into the ‘beta’ stage, then we will hopefully see its ‘stable’ official release before too long.

This video contains:

  • Introduction
  • The editor admin settings module
  • Different tools per role
  • Managing editor roles
  • Adding more tools for admin roles
  • Brief tour of page and host settings
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Andy Stephenson

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