6. Forum General, Community, File, RSS, SEO Settings
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    Jan 01, 2011

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use the core DotNetNuke forum module.

The forum module allows users to have conversations in the form of posted messages. Each forum post is called a thread and includes a subject title and content.

The DotNetNuke core forum module has many configuration possibilities, these include setting up the forum so only certain users with security roles can view or post messages as well as require posted messages to be moderated.

Other options include quoting existing posts, allowing attachments, pinning and locking posts, emailing replies and managing user settings such as rankings, avatars, word filters and creating polls.

This module should cover most of your requirements for a forum in your DotNetNuke website.

This video contains:

  • How to create a link forum
  • Forum general settings
  • Aggregated forums, enable thread status, enable post abuse, disable html posting
  • Demonstration of aggregated forums
  • Forum community settings, enable external profile
  • How to enable file attachments to forum threads
  • How to add an attachment to a forum thread
  • Configuring forum RSS feeds
  • Forum SEO Management
  • No Follow, override page title, description, keywords, latest threads no follow, sitemap priority
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