5. Creating the 'Community Forums' Page using the Forum Module
  1. 12m 28s
    Feb 01, 2011

In this DotNetNuke training series we demonstrate how to build a website using a selection of DotNetNuke Core Modules.

Throughout the tutorial you will learn step by step how to use and configure a new DotNetNuke Website.

We will create and configure the following pages:

  • About Us - Text/HTML Module
  • Contact Us - Feedback Module
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs Module
  • Documents - Document Manager Module
  • Executive Blog - DNN Blog Module
  • Community Forums - Forum Module
  • Links - Links Module
  • Request a Quote - Form and List Module

We also show you all the basic DotNetNuke administration techniques you will need to further develop your DNN website.

This video contains:

  • Creating the Community Forums Page
  • How to install the DotNetNuke Forum Module
  • Configuring the Forum Module
  • Creating forum groups and sub forums
  • How to post in the Forums
  • Creating the 'Community' Page
  • Installing the Links module
  • Configuring the Links module
  • Configuring the 'Community Forums' Page as a Child Page using Admin > Pages
  • Configuring the 'Documents' Page as a Child Page using Admin > Pages
dnn5 open source module forum build a website
Andy Stephenson

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