2. A Second Look at DotNetNuke 6 - Introduction to the Dark Knight Skin
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    Sep 01, 2011

On the 14th July 2011, the DotNetNuke core team released the DNN6 Release Candidate.

The DotNetNuke Release Candidate includes all of the new features planned for the final stable version and all the new additions are working very well. This release is very close to the finished final release of DotNetNuke 6.

The most notable new features and additions in this release are:

  • A brand new skin
  • The DNN extension gallery
  • An all new module actions menu
  • Polished pop up and core styling
  • New admin control panel drop down menus

We will walk you through all of these features and have a quick look at the new default ‘Dark Knight’ skin.

dnn6 skin
Andy Stephenson

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