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10/12/2015 8:41 PM
Hello There:

I have been struggling over trying to get a sql script to work that sebstian one of the DNN guru's from Germany provided a while back.  I am sending this inquiry to you because I feel you might be quicker at getting back to me than the other dnn guys and might have a useful answer.

Basically what happened was this.  When DNN 7.4 came out for what ever reason the eventlog table was split into three joined by foreign keys so of course no longer can you do a simple truncate command so this Sebastian came up with an sql script that was suppose to work.

Upon testing it out I kept getting syntax errors.  I replaced the obect qualifier with nothing and the database owner with dbo since that is how it showed up in my web.config file.

I tried everything leaving the braces in than taking the braces out and while monkeying a bit with the script file I got a lot of the red underlines off still there were unsolvable problems at least from my standpoint.

I didn't know if you could look at this sql file and tell me or perhaps even send me a sql script that would be fail proof for this purpose.  I guess it is a fairly complex script that has to be used but no matter what I try to do I just can't seem to get it to work via sql server 2012.

Even if you could provide me with some kind of delete script that would delete x number of rows from the top that would at least be better than having to go through the steps of editing the top 2000 rows and than clicking on the first row and scrolling down to the last, holding down shift and clicking again.

Even if it was a script where you could change the number from 100 or perhaps 1000 etc... where it wouldn't cough I chose too many rows that weren't there.

At any rate the main point is if you could look at this script sabastian supplied and give me some ideas as to why it is failing syntactically with sql server 2012.


The full script is down below




/* Truncate EventLog - Version 0.9.8 (2015-07-25)
   (c) Sebastian Leupold, dnnWerk/gamma concept mbH 2014-2015

   Run this Script to remove all entries of EventLog in DNN Platform V.5.0.0 - 7.4.0
   == Please make sure to use latest version from ===
   - Install by running as script from SQL item in Host menu inside DNN or run in 
     SQL Server Management Studio, after replacing placeholders {databaseOwner} and
{objectQualifier} by its proper values from web.config file.

   - Make sure that the currently used account is member of dbOwner database role.
   License and Disclaimer:
   Published under Microsoft Open Source Reciprocal License (Ms-RL). For details, 
   please read
   Feel free to use this script as you need, but%

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10/13/2015 5:14 AM

Hi Bo,

The Event Log table structure has been changed recently. Now it was split into 3 tables. This should help you solve the problem you are having:

This is from Sebastian himself.



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