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7/12/2018 2:23 PM

Hi everyone!

I just started managing a DNN CMS for a new job I got and one of the things I wanted to find out is if there is a 'default' Javascript file. 

A javascript file that would be active across the entire site.

Another option is if I can create a new Javascript file and apply it across the entire website.

The CMS I'm handling is for a University and wow- I got to tell you, it's like spaghetti everywhere.

 Thank you!

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7/12/2018 10:08 PM

Hi Dan

I've been using DNN for about 10+ years, never touched JavaScript - ask yourself  why you need it?

Indeed until recently I've not touched any code. Now I've learnt the POWER of SQL I'm building sites using DNN, Reports, and DataSprings Dynamic Forms. Anything 'fancy' all done in SQL.

You state it is Spaghetti - DNN s very powerful, I've just started working with another powerful (not web) system again the implementation allows Spaghetti

I would say take a step back, analyse the real needs and simplify.

All the best



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7/13/2018 4:48 AM
Accepted Answer 

Hi Dan,

There no default javascript file on DNN, but you can create your own .js file and reference it on one of two locations so it can go global:

1 - In the skin/theme file - Find more details @ - under the "NEW USER CONTROLS: DNNJSINCLUDE AND DNNCSSINCLUDE" section - In this case you could add the .JS file inside the skin/theme folder;

2 - Or you can add a reference to the .js file on the DNN settings directly. If you are on DNN7 or DNN 8 you can go to "Admin/Site Settings/Advanced Settings/Page Output Settings/HTML Page Header Tags" and add the SCRIPT tag on that field. In this case I would recommend placing the .JS file somewhere under the "/Portals/0/" folder.

Best regards,


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7/13/2018 12:44 PM
Hi Anderson,
That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
I really appreciate all the help you provide here and on YouTube with your guides. It has made the transition to my new job both smooth and enjoyable! I look forward to being part of the DNN community.
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7/14/2018 3:06 AM

Happy to be able to help Dan!



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