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11/1/2016 1:38 AM


I am in the process of building a DNN site that replaces 137 coded pages with approximately 15 new pages.

Although DNN is a Database driven solution this is the first time that I've really taken the power of the Database and particularly the Reports module and the HTML Visualizer to some extremes

The site is for a community radio station, the development is currently (until mid Nov 2016) There are lists of programmes, presenters, sponsors, charities and advertisers that lends themselves nicely to using custom tables in the database

The challenge is the formatting. There are over 100 supporters and a list is quite dull. To achieve a 3 column effect I have needed to have 3 reports selecting approx 33% of the results for each report

I want to know if anyone has a solution the gives a solution like Word where if you select Columns on a page it represents a list top --> bottom -->top --> bottom until the page is full then next page

Does anyone know if this is possible in HTML / CSS?

Many thanks in advance












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11/1/2016 5:08 AM

Hi Dave,

Just as a crazy idea (as I don't have much to offer here), maybe you should consider one of those horizontal scrollers -

I haven't given too much thought to it, but it might be something to consider. It might be a bit involving as they use jquery.

Best regards,


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