3. Symbol Sizing, and Global Theming
  1. 10m 39s
    Jan 01, 2016

In this tutorial we will walk through how to implement and use multi colour SVG symbols and graphics in your DNN theme.

Multicolour SVG symbols have several advantages over other icon techniques such as icon fonts and basic png images. For example, they have a very small file size and load incredibly quickly, this greatly improves user experience, especially for our mobile users and it also means that as of a recent update to google’s search algorithms, page load speed can help with SEO.

SVG icons, like icon fonts, are infinitely scalable, and will look perfect on high density screens.

Unlike their icon font counterparts, SVG symbols can be multi colour. We’ll now demonstrate how this can be achieved in a DNN theme.

This video contains:

  • Setting symbol sizes
  • Creating a common colour palette for you symbols
  • Recolouring individual symbol parts
  • Changing a colour globally using an icomoon theme.
  • Exporting the new themed symbols
  • Changing theme colours with CSS.
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