3. Responsive Typography and Colors
  1. 10m 57s
    Sep 01, 2016

In this tutorial we are demonstrating how to achieve top quality responsive typography for your DNN8 themes.

We will walk through to how to choose the perfect fonts for headings and body copy, how to apply these fonts to your theme and how to achieve good readability on all screen sizes.

Good typography is absolutely the most important aspect on a modern website, and for at least a decade, DNN has had a bad rep for looking bland and corporate. Fortunately this has begun to change, but there are several things, as developers, we must learn.

Type must be comfortable to read, all the way to the end of the article, to help with this, we must choose the correct fonts, the correct font size, and line heights.

This video contains:

  • Setting the base font size
  • Optimizing for mobile screens
  • Line height and spacing for readability
  • Setting heading element sizes
  • Adapting typography for various screen widths
  • Choosing colors and contrast
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Andy Stephenson

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