2. Installing Microsoft SQL Server and Creating a Database
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    Jan 01, 2013

In this tutorial we walk you through step by step how to install DotNetNuke 7 to Windows 7.

This tutorial is the first in a DotNetNuke 7 training series where we will show you how to perform a local installation, backup your entire website and then transfer it to a live server.

There are several methods of installing DotNetNuke, but unfortunately, the two simplest methods of installation, the Web application installer and the web matrix installer will also cause us problems whilst backing up and transferring our website to a live server, these two methods use tools that are not available on hosted servers, they hide some of the installation options and, when things go wrong, it is difficult to diagnose and repair the problems.

For this reason we recommend that you use the install package method to install DotNetNuke 7 on your Windows 7 PC.

The installation will be in four main parts:

  • Part 1: Preparing the web server. (IIS 7)
  • Part 2: How to set up the database server and database. (MS SQL Server Express 2008 r2)
  • Part 3: Setting up the website directory for installation.
  • Part 4: Installing DotNetNuke 7.

This video contains:

  • Choosing a version of Microsoft SQL Server
  • How to locate the latest build of your chosen SQL server
  • Overview of SQL Server Express
  • How to download the correct version for your operating system
  • How to install SQL Server Express 2008 r2
  • Installing SQL server as a stand-alone instance or a default installation
  • How to create a new database
  • How to add a user to the database
  • Giving the DNN7 user the correct permissions
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