1. DotNetNuke 7 Basic Training - How to Setup Email in DotNetNuke 7 (SMTP Settings)
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    Sep 01, 2013

In this tutorial we walk you through step by step how to setup the email system in DotNetNuke 7.

This will enable DotNetNuke to send emails for instance when a user registers on your website or for instance if you need to send a newsletter to all the registered users on your website.

The email settings are actually called SMTP server settings and the settings you’ll need to use vary upon who has issued your email account.

We show you the most common SMTP settings and demonstrate how to set up your email if you have a Gmail account or an email account from PowerDNN.

This video contains:

  • How to Set the Host Email Address in DotNetNuke 7
  • All emails relating to the running of the site will be sent here and any emails that DotNetNuke sends out will come from this address by default
  • How to Setup DotNetNuke to Use Your Gmail Account
  • DotNetNuke can send emails using Gmail's SMTP server
  • How to Setup Email in DotNetNuke Using the Most Common Settings
  • The most common settings for email accounts other than Gmail or PowerDNN
  • How to Setup Email in DotNetNuke with a PowerDNN Email Account
  • If you are hosted with PowerDNN, you'll need to setup the SMTP details slightly differently
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