1. DotNetNuke 7 Basic Training - Basic Site Setup
  1. 10m 20s
    Jun 01, 2013

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to perform the basic setup of a DotNetNuke 7 website.

This tutorial kicks off our 'DotNetNuke 7 basic training' series of tutorials where we will build a DNN7 website from start to finish.

We will walk you through step by step how perform all the basic but important steps required to create your DotNetNuke website. Some of these steps include tasks such as changing the site name, adding your company logo and basic search engine optimisation.

We show you how to setup user registration on your site and perform simple page management tasks. After you have finished this tutorial, you will be ready to start adding some pages and content to your new DNN7 website.

This video contains:

  • Logging in to Your Site as the Host User
  • The host user account, sometimes called the superuser is the most important user account for your DotNetNuke website. When you log in as the host user you will have permission to change anything and everything in your DNN website
  • How to Change the Host User Password
  • If your DotNetNuke site has been set up with a default or easy to guess host password, it is important that we change this to a more secure password
  • Giving your DotNetNuke 7 Site a Name
  • The site name will appear in several different places on your site, it will be on display in many of the emails that DotNetNuke sends out and also in any search results in search engines such as Google
  • How to Change the Copyright Notice at the Bottom of the Page
  • It is important to change the copyright information at the bottom of each page. As you begin to develop and add content to your site you will want people to know that you own all copyright
  • Basic DNN7 SEO - How to Add Site Metadata - Description and Keywords
  • This information will be used by google and other search engines to accompany your site url in user search results, it will also be used by search engines to help them index your site
  • How to Add a Logo to Your DNN7 Site
  • DotNetNuke 7 gives you the ability to simply 'drag and drop' your company logo into the website
  • Setting Basic DotNetNuke 7 User Registration Options
  • DNN 7 includes several different user registration modes, here you can choose the ideal user registration mode for your website
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