1. DNN Search: Filtering Results
  1. 9m 46s
    Dec 01, 2013

Searching has always been a hot topic in DNN. DNN has forever seemed to be lacking in search accuracy and functionality compared to other content management systems. That is, until now.

As of DNN 7.1, The new, much improved core DNN search introduces several new features. It can serve up much more relevant and accurate results and it is much faster than before.

In this tutorial we demonstrate all the new improved features of the DNN search and then we walk you through how to properly set up your site and search settings to best take advantage of this new development.

This video contains:

  • Introduction;
  • Overview of the backend features;
  • Overview of the frontend features;
  • Ordering the results by date;
  • How the new search decides upon relevance;
  • Filtering by content tags;
  • How to open up a search result in a new page or tab;
  • Limiting search results to a particular module type (Results Scope);
  • How to enable/disable wildcard searches by default;
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Andy Stephenson

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