2. Creating a DDR Bootstrap 3 Navbar Menu
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    Nov 01, 2013

In this tutorial we walk through step by step how to create a responsive skin for DNN using the new Twitter Bootstrap framework version 3.

Bootstrap 3 offers several powerful tools that can be a huge advantage to a DotNetNuke skin developer. Some of these include:

  • Various layout options: Bootstrap 3 allows us to work with a variety of layout options such as the grid system, this grid system allows us to create pane layouts extremely quickly.
  • Bootstrap 3 comes with excellent typography and button styles.
  • A selection of handy javascript plugins such as popups, animated menus, and a responsive carousel.
  • Bootstrap 3 has been rebuilt from the ground up and is now a mobile-first framework, meaning it is written and coded perfectly for mobile devices from the beginning. Rather than adapting a desktop HTML/CSS framework to look good on a mobile device, this time the bootstrap framework looks perfect on a mobile device and then it is adapted and extended upon for the extra screen real estate of a tablet and then a desktop screen.

This tutorial will give you a solid template for creating your Bootstrap 3 based skins. You will also learn some techniques such as file inclusion using the client resource management features available in DNN 6 and 7.

This video contains:

  • Introduction;
  • Creating the menu markup;
  • Preventing the Bootstrap menu conflicting with the admin menu;
  • Implementing the DDR menu within a DNN skin;
  • How to convert the bootstrap menu into a DDR menu;
  • How to display the portal title within a skin inside the Bootstrap menu;
  • How to add the login link to the Bootstrap menu using the Login skin object;
  • About the nav-collapse CSS class;
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Andy Stephenson

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