2. Creating a New Theme Layout, Using Bootsrap 4
  1. 7m 49s
    May 01, 2018

In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to setup and use the fantastic nvQuickTheme development environment.

As they state on GitHub, "nvQuickTheme is more than just a great minimalist DNN (DotNetNuke) theme. It is a powerful theme building framework and developer workflow."

nvQuickTheme gives us a modern, rapid theme development setup, and during this tutorial, we’ll have a play with development technologies such as SASS and Bootstrap 4.

This video contains:

  • Exploring the nvQuickTheme structure
  • How to create a new theme layout
  • How to add new Bootstrap 4 markup
  • Adding a jumbotron section
  • Converting the jumbotron section into a content pane
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