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Building the Action Menu in DNN with IActionable and Wrapup - Part 6/6

6 min : 05 sec

This series we are discussing the makeup of module definitions and module controls. During this video we will learn how to create a custom action menu for our module by implementing the IActionable interface. This is part 6 of 6.

Instructions for running the code project:

1 - Setup your DNN 7 site with host name;
2 - Download the zip file;
3 - Unzip the project folder (DotNetNuclear.ViewsTutorial) under the \DesktopModules folder;
4 - Open Visual Studio 2012 as an Administrator and open the project;
5 - Build project in Release mode;
6 - Install the *_Install package in Host > Extensions;
7 - Create a test page and drop an instance of the module on the page;

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