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DNN News - July/2015

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“Your videos are a great help. Your site has been one of the most useful tools for me as I've learned DNN. Your videos were helpful when installing a local version to my computer. Admin settings and what they mean. The language videos were good and they got me to a certain point in understanding how to add multiple languages”

— Laurie Huelga, Monterey, US


“I will renew my subscription for another year. I do enjoy your videos! Your piece about how to stop the artificial creation of user accounts a few months ago was priceless (and saved me a great deal of grief). Keep up the good work!”

— Scott Huelsman, Madison, US


“Love the videos. They have been very helpful to me. I find your site was the best at getting me up to speed as a new DNN user but also delving into the more advanced functions. As a new DNN user two years ago your videos help me navigate DNN and saved my bacon a few times when a customer wanted a certain feature or function that I did not know how to do.”

— Gerald Hutchman, Salmo, Canada


“I signed up with DNNHero a few months ago and since then, whenever I am in a jam and cannot find the answer, Aderson's tutorials have always come to the rescue. I continue to learn DNN from the videos so that I can be more independent.”

— Jodi Buckley, Trumbull, USA


“Good information, well presented and in quick bursts. I know Aderson from my WSI days. His topics are regular and up to date. The Firebug video was a god send :-)”

— Dave Hassall, Poole, UK


“Very clear site. Easy to find stuff. Well prepared tutorials. Social groups was quite new. It instructed me faster them i could have found out on my own.”

— Hans Beekman, Tiel, The Netherlands


“In truth I like all of the Categories. I have found some invaluable information that I hadn't found in my general knowledge searches. It is a great resource, so I would recommend it. I didn't have any hesitation to join because I have found your videos useful and professional. I have used DNNHero Videos as nice launch points when working with new or updated aspects of DNN.A specific video that I found useful was related to Social modules in DNN. You pointed out that you had to go into edit on a module and click 'save' in order for it to work properly. I had been racking my brain on that issue.”

— Phil Speth, Saint Louis, US


“I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, SEO Expert and I own AIM Internet Consultants. I am not a IT professional, so when I need help with a client's website, I go to DNN Hero for video information on how to tackle the issue. I have been working with Aderson since 2008 and the videos he has recorded on DNN Hero are a valuable resource.”

— Frank Tibbetts, New Glasgow, Canada


“I use the site to keep abreast with DNN topics and issues. Aderson's videos are professional, educational and well presented. I have been privileged to know Aderson for the past 6 years as a WSI Marketing Consultant.”

— Kan Parekh, Milton Keynes, UK


“I like the way all tutorials are developed. Very clear and concise. I like its professionalism and support.”

— Jose Velasquez, Miami, US


“Your site is very useful for beginner to advance learner of DNN. This is simply awesome. I would recommend to all who is eager to know more about DNN.”

— Hiral Prajapati, Pune, India


“I highly recommend DNN Hero website. It has been a great source of training and helped in keeping me up-to-date with DotNetNuke. Aderson is very approachable and responds quickly if I have run into a problem or requested help.”

— Paul Costello, Norwell, US


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